Wholly and completely inspired by Ann Voskamp’s exquisite book One Thousand Gifts, and okay maybe a little bit inspired by one of my new favorite discoveries A list of little things we should appreciate, I am instituting Random Acts of Gratefulness around here. Because gratefulness is life-giving. Because thankfulness, simple though it may sound, is a key to so many hearts, hands and smiles- and I do love hearts, hands and smiles. Because if I am not careful, the simplicity of gratitude will slip right through my mind and my focus will land on things less helpful, less worthy. Mostly because the Love He has that shines in every single moment, (I promise you it’s there, just look),  is far too great, too important, too amazing, too extravagant, too intricate, too personal and too immense  to be overlooked. Anyway, here I go, honestly details are not my thing, well, big picture stuff isn’t either, not sure what my thing is exactly, but I shall try my best.

1. Her face, my freckles, and her fathers lashes.

2. Backyard breakfast, blueberries, cheddar and rye.

3. Racing to the sky on a cool afternoon.

4. These boys falling into brotherhood just as fast as we fell in love.

5. Eleven years of learning and laughing with the boy who made me a mom.



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