Married (part two)

I am a ball of wonder and incomplete thoughts. Still. I am head over heels in love with… my life. Truly.

Ha- if you had asked me, oh let’s say- ever, if I wanted to live in a perfectly nice house in the suburbs with a really brilliant, solid, strong and kind theologian who worked m-f, 9-5… if you had asked if I pictured myself packing lunches every morning and having dinner on the table at the same time every night… if you’d asked if I wanted a normal life… I would’ve laughed. And said no thank you. Because I thought it would be boring. Because I think I thought being a rebel, being unconventional, living a crazy life was part of my identity, and you can’t be a rebel if you live in a cookie cutter house. A crazy life though? Not for me (anymore). And my identity- surely does not lie in my circumstances.

Goodness, you guys- This life? It is freaking bliss. It is steady and calm and peaceful even when it is not. It is make me cry wonderful. It is amazing. To have this husband… this man, who supports me in every sense of the word… to send him off in the morning with a kiss (or five) and lay my head on his chest when he gets home… to listen to him read to my kids… our kids… and love them.  

This life? I would not have dreamed it up ever. But I adore it. I adore our weekends, five kids, craziness, laziness, all of it. I just… can’t even explain how good it is.  Because there are at least a thousand things a day that I love about my life. And that is the truth. I love walking to the park with my babygirl. I love folding towels in a quiet house. I love having a glass of wine on the patio with my husband at night. I love the way my Bonus Boy smiles bigger every time I hug him. I love arguing over little things, and I love brushing my teeth with someone else. I love Emmy sitting and reading on any and every surface, and Gabe right beside her always. I love Griff upside down on the couch, or anywhere, diligently thinking and building. I love the sprinklers coming on at six in the morning. I love the light, oh do I love the light. I love satisfied stomachs after a hearty meal. I love each days own noise and silence. I love friends, just down the street, so close in every direction. I love coffee, made for me. I love bike rides, “all the way to the stop sign”. I love neighborhood games of hide and seek that land brand new friends under my bed. I love his hands… well, I do. I love falling asleep so easy. I love waking up. I love. All of it. It is grace. All of it.

Yes. Sigh.



2 Comments to “Married (part two)”

  1. That has got to be one of the most beautiful posts ever!!! You are living out A Thousand Gifts in this blog!! So happy for you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring, Amber!

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