Story: coming soon

You guys!! Have I got a story for you!! Sooooon. Promise. Until then I’m pulling my poetry stuff over here, because, seriously- who needs two blogs? Not me. I’ll be mixing in some old and new.  For now, here are two recent ones:


this forgiven girl
flesh bared
head bowed
heart scarred and forgotten
holds hands hides eyes
stifles words better brought
into light
out of dark
hiding has never gotten her
anywhere but hidden
and hidden never helped

this One she thought Him
just like the others
then He knelt
scribbled words
up her spine
she felt more than saw
and free like a bird
into light He did draw
her hungry soul
with hands in the dirt
and then on the ground
fell tears full of hurt
and then on the ground
right where He knelt
fell all the chains
once she had felt


long have i chased answers
longed for timeless truths
to tether me to ground unsteady

steadying though is that ground
and questions now
spill out of me and over me
and the grace that i am growing in allows it

the grace that He is showing me
becomes the answer

unwavering is His Truth
sure and steady is His grip
i am not lost or falling

not sure what to do but run
my feet my hands my eyes
let go of looking for anchors
and race instead towards sky

answers will not save me
questions will not bring me down
holding on so tight seems so unnecessary
when so much grace abounds


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