Someday I will figure out how to put all of this crazygood stuff into words. Can’t figure it out right now.  But! There is this beautiful irony that I love though- Crazygood stuff keeps happening. And because I’m not used to good, I keep getting freaked out by all of these totally awesome non-coincidences. I can’t even being to describe the amount of Love and grace being poured out. Immeasurable. So Much More. Gosh. So I keep asking God to make everything more real, more tangible. And then when He does show me something or confirm something or make something more real- I just get more freaked out. But like, in a good way.  I know that’s all pretty vague, sorry. Just trust me when I say GOD IS TOTALLY REAL AND ALIVE AND CARING AND LOVING AND GIVING AND SEEING AND BEING HIS AWESOME SELF.


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