Internet- can I be honest? I am terrible at in-betweens.  I mean I suck at mediums.  Like- I can be passive or aggressive.  I can rock ecstatic or depressed.  Super hot or cold as ice? Got it.  I can be wide awake and going full speed, or fully and completely exhausted.  The radio can be blasting or off.  Steady is not my jam. Deepbreathbigsigh.

I took this picture of Cade a long time ago and it popped into my head the other night as I stood in my driveway attempting to wind down.  (I’m terrible at winding down)  This picture, oh do I relate.  That first shot, that moment where that poor kid is suspended mid-air.  I know that moment. I feel it. It’s sooo fun going up right? But that hanging up there, the view from that height, that split second of weightlessness- that’s where I’m at.  I will be caught; I’m sure of it. And I love being caught. I love His arms. I smiled all the way up and there will be raucous joy and “Again! Again!” as soon as His hands embrace me. But right now? Anxious anticipation. That’s where I’m at folks.  See you on the flip side. Love, love.

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