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February 16, 2011


(Word of warning: this is mushy and gushy and lovey dovey, and there is almost no point to it except to express my absolute, unending adoration for Him and His sweet kisses.  Also, no pictures again, because this is not about me and it is also not some nature/tree metaphor. This is about Him and how amazing He is.)

Kisses, how I love them… even typing the word is fun.  I wrote this poem the other day in a little moment of wanting… Valentines Day and all that jazz… 

This subject keeps coming up though.  A friend of mine did exclaim the other day while eating an especially scrumptious treat “I think me and God just had a little mini make-out session.”  Another friend wrote on someone’s Facebook wall, “Like kisses from heaven this season and you are to my life.”

And then there is this line in one of my favorite songs that keeps getting changed up-  “And Heaven meets earth like a… some kind of… kiss”.  Some versions say sloppy wet, some say passionate, one says unforeseen.  I like passionate best, but it still falls short…

Can we talk about kisses from heaven?  Is that cool?  Can we talk about what amazing treats they are?  Am I gonna lose you if I go all sensual about God?  Am I allowed to say He is the realest thing I know, and sometimes when He expresses His love generously, as He is known to do, in quiet moments, with softness and grace, it not only suppresses, but fulfills every earthly desire I have.  And sometimes, He just absolutely melts me.  I’m not going to play out the whole intimacy metaphor here, but this kiss thing, I gotta get it out.  I will do my best not to get all Lover of my soul with you, I’ll save that for another time; I’m going to try to keep it to just kisses…  And I’m going to try to explain these kisses without using metaphors and quotation marks because they are so much more than real. 

How do I begin really?  How do you explain what a kiss is?  This meeting of lips, sometimes parting of lips, declaration of True Love, most intimate of expressions… I will spare you all the little adjectives, (for now), and just say- He relates to me this way.  (And I am ever so glad that He does.)  In my house, in my room, cup, Bible, pen, journal, mascara or blanket in hand- He comes in, and whispers, breathes, sees, holds and ::sigh:: kisses me.  You still with me?  Know what I mean?  Raise your hand out there if you’ve ever experienced one of these passionate, sloppy wet, unforeseen moments with Him.  Goodness it is wonderful.  Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t even want to relate to God this way- Oh but you should.  I’m telling you, its bliss. 

Do you know that moment in a kiss, a good kiss, when you get lost?   That brief span of time when you’re eyes are closed and you aren’t even paying attention to what you’re doing anymore, you’re just there, unaware of the whole rest of the world, caught up in (oh look here come all of those adjectives I was trying to spare you of), warmth, softness, sweetness, breath, movement… all doing their things, and you’re just along for the ride? 

God can do that; He does.  I have been lost completely in His presence, surrounded by all of those things.  I have been mesmerized by His closeness.  I have been kissed by Him.  Not that lusty kissing; not that handsy mess of wanting.  I’m talking about a knowing, giving kissing, that ILOVEYOUSOMUCH! Let me show you right now LOVELOVELOVE!!! kind of  kissing. 

Look, analogies aside, because He is the realest thing I know- On dark nights, on bright afternoons, with light and words, and ground and sky, He has held me tightly, in the tenderest hands, leaned in close and breathed right into my being.  In packed rooms, in my car, while I cried, while I smiled, He has pulled me close, touched my face and infused me with Love

And now… well, nothing else will do really.  And isn’t that the point?  ::sigh again:: 

Lucky me, I’m totally spoiled on kisses from heaven.  Love, love.


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