This is totally going to seem like a shameless plug for Ron Houston Renovations.  It’s not really, I mean, they do amazing work and I highly recommend them, but this is more about what I’ve learned from what they do. 

This past year I have had the privilege of getting to work for Ron Houston a little.  I’ve gotten to photograph some of the amazing work that goes on around RHR and subsequently gotten to spend a little time with the boss man.  I’m not going to write a whole blog about him because I think it would be a little weird if I went on and on about how kind, and generous, and sweet, and wise and humble he is.  He is a great guy, a great man actually, and I’ve had a terrible year guy-wise, so getting to hang out and eat burgers and ride around in a big truck with a super safe, super amazing guy has been healing in and of itself.  Getting to see the art that is renovation has been the coolest thing though. 

The entire process is beautiful, metaphorical.  They transform homes and spaces that are for whatever reason not what the owners want or need and make them into fully functioning, creative works of art.  From start to finish, there is so much work involved, but the outcome is not only a masterpiece, it’s a living space that enhances the owner’s life. 

I’m somewhat fascinated with all of it.  From the initial vision and planning that it takes to get a project off the ground, the hours of hard work that it takes to complete a renovation, to the final clean up and the finished product.  So much thought, effort and care goes into everything they do and it shows in their craftsmanship.  These guys do not just throw things together; they create quality remodels and build with excellence because they are passionate about producing work that elevates the standard of living for their clients.  (Again, sorry this is not a sales pitch, but by all means calls them if you need some work done 🙂

I say it’s metaphorical because the progression is quite like this whole Freedom processFirst there was His vision.  He is an artist and an architect and I was created for a purpose without a doubt.  Then there was a realization that I needed to change and an understanding that I needed help if I was going to really be what He had in mind.  And then there was seeking His heart and following the plans He had, Foundations of Freedom classes, daily quiet times, fasting, journaling, listening and praying.  And the whole time there was hard work, grieving, letting go, taking hold, intentionally working on things that needed work, and going to Kairos last week.  I don't want to sound like I'm a finished product, I'm not, but I have given myself over to the process and I'm excited about each new change happening.

I would kind of like to tell you that this Freedom thing has been effortless, that it has involved little work, that it was quick and easy, but that is not the case.  I partnered with Him, granted He did most of the heavy lifting, but there was certainly much thought and effort involved.  There was plenty of work done by others as well, a whole crew of people have helped put together the Freedom stuff at Gateway.  And I love that the end result is His creative work, the glory is all His.  Hopefully I am always a work in progress, thankfully I am becoming more and more a living space for Him to use.     

And speaking of the Freedom crew at Gateway, Bob Hamp is also a really great man, much like Ron, a visionary, a creative mind bent on transforming lives.  I attended Kairos last week, it’s one of Bob’s works of art, a two day inner healing conference.  It’s life changing and highly recommended.  At the end of it, I saw Bob do something Ron does pretty much every time we walk in to one of his finished projects- He stood smiling, beaming almost, and staring at his work with some mix of honor and wonderment.  It's so great to see someone take their work in.  I’ve quietly watched Ron do it more than once, it’s contagious almost, the happy mix of accomplishment and excitement.  There is this sort of glowing with humble awe that happens, like a daddy does when he holds his son for the first time.  I can only imagine what it must be like to put your mind and heart to create and transform something, work diligently and literally get to see the fruit in front of your eyes. 

I hope, believe really, that is the kind of excitement and wonder that fills our Father’s eyes when He looks at us, His creative masterpieces, the products of His great work, becoming more and more what He created us to be. 

Let me ever be a work in progress.  And also, let me ever be smiled upon by Him.    

3 Comments to “Transforming”

  1. Wow Amber! Super cool of you to write about my awesome husband and the creative work he does. Love the connection between renovating a home and a heart. I am so thankful God never gives up on us but sees all of our possibilities! Yahoo to Ron and Bob for loving the renovation process and to you for writing so beautifully.

  2. Amazing, Amber! I love the fact that God is never done with us and never gives up on the beautiful masterpiece we can become if we just catch hold of a tiny glimpse of the vision He has for us and let Him guide the process. Big kudos to Ron and Bob for being earthly examples of the Master Visionary and Redeemer!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Ladies! And yes, so glad He never gives up!

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