Freedom and Kairos


Part of me wants to spill every detail, page of notes and powerful experience from Kairos onto the World Wide Web.  But there’s no way I could come close to doing it justice.  It’s mostly indescribable.  It’s absolutely incredible.  It’s a two day event, kind of an inner healing workshop, experiential teaching conference kind of thing.  It was awesome and wonderful and HEALING.  What an amazing process.  It has been transformational, but in the most normal way.  It started when I took the first foundational class and it didn’t end with Kairos, but that sure did bring me a few light-years closer to where I want to be.  Lots of big and little realizations have come, but in their own time so that my brain was not totally fried.  And though I have learned a ton about my God and His Kingdom, I have a longer list of things I’ve left behind than of things I have picked up. 

I laid so many things at His feet.  There were beliefs I held that I wasn’t aware of until I really dove in and searched for long held, unhealthy inner-vows and judgments.  There were lies running around inside of me, deep down, unchallenged because life is busy and the enemy has been fairly successful at keeping me distracted.  There was pain that I held onto because I’ve known it for so long it didn’t feel like pain anymore, just a comfortable old blanket.  And there was this monster of a need for acceptance that overshadowed everything.  It’s incredible how much space was freed up when I got rid of all the junk.  Also incredible- how ready and willing He was to fill all that space with Love.        

Sounds good right?  You have no idea…  I’ve gained tools to help me in the future, and experienced peace about issues I didn’t know I needed peace about.  I recognize lies quicker.  I respond to Him more easily.  I rest in Him with less effort.  I could go on… Life is different because my identity isn’t what I thought it was, because my Father isn’t who I thought He was.  I am not a girl sent here to save, strive and survive.  He is not a Father waiting on me to fix everything for myself and punish me when I mess up.  He is not only sweet when I do the right thing and He is not too busy helping other people to hold me on His lap. 

The realizations are many, I would love to tell you all of them, but even more I would love for you to have some of your own. Want to know more about Freedom Ministries?

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Why attend the Foundations of Freedom?

Still not sure if you should go to Freedom classes?  Let me help you out- You totally should.


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