FYI, The Power of Whispers is an amazing book and tremendous message from Bill Hybels.  Check it out here: Sermon Center | Gateway Church, (click on archives and then scroll down to his sermon.)  I have nothing at all to add to that message.  It is powerful and wonderful.  This blog is not even really closely tied to it; I just think everyone should hear it…

He speaks, I believe that firmly.  And I am fairly confident in my ability to hear Him.  Actually, He communicates with me a few different ways, and I love them all.

This whispering thing though, I find it totally fascintating.  And it's not even the hearing words part that I love the most lately.  I don't always need pages of notes from my time with Him…  Lately, I am consumed with the idea that my awesome God has quiet words, just for me.

The Creator of the universe loves me enough to dip His head, lean in close, cup my face and breathe words… and it is overwhelmingly beautiful to me some days… 

Sure, I love scribbling down things He says to me, but also, I love feeling that we are close enough for Him to whisper. What a lovely, intimate way to connect, intoxicating really. Sometimes I don't even write the words down, they are so sacred.  Sometimes I sit in awe unable to remember or make out what He said for all the enchantement of simply being in His presence. Goodness, He Loves really well.


Please excuse me if I sound love drunk and high on whispers. You'll have to forgive me, I totally am…  


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