John 3:16


Taking the Most Helpful Thing a step further-
How can I most honor Him in every thing I do?
I know this is Christianity 101 here, but you guys, I can not get past John 3:16 today. 

I remember a couple of years ago when I was staying with friends for a few days, going through the awfulness of separation and divorce, and working my little tail off to stay close to Him and maintain some semblance of sanity.  Ever so sweetly, the Lord would wake me up bright and early before the sun and I would sit at the kitchen table with a Bible, (or two), a journal, (or two), a thesaurus and a dictionary.  I looked like a college student cramming for an exam.  Most mornings the poor friends I was staying with would scoot in half asleep wanting a quiet cup of coffee and I, having been up for an hour already and excited about whatever the Lord had shown me that day, would bombard them with words and thoughts.  It was borderline ridiculous now that I think about it, but luckily they neither kicked me out nor told me to shut it. 

One particular morning as I sat at the table engrossed in scripture and root words, synonyms and sketches, I came across John 3:16.  And it hit me like a ton of bricks, in a good way.  Sure I’ve read it before, a hundred times I’m sure.  It’s the first verse I ever memorized, but for some reason it was… So Much More to me that morning.  As my sweet friends sleepily walked in for breakfast, I practically burst with excitement, “You guys! Do you know what this says?! For God SO LOVED the world that He GAVE HIS ONLY SON!” And that is pretty much where I land still when I think about that verse.  I don’t know how it is that I let that concept become mundane to me at some point, but I’m ever so thankful that it didn’t remain that way.  I mean come on, that is amazing! Do you know anyone that you would give your son for? How about yourself?   

That kind of Love blows me away whenever I let it.  Unfortunately I don’t let it often enough, but as I was worshipping this morning, I did.  Words of praise poured from my mouth and Love just about consumed me.  My heart so wanted to stay in that place all day.  But there are things to do around here after all, children to be mothered and dishes to be washed.  Almost sad at the thought of breaking out of my quiet time to take care of the daily grind stuff, I heard Him say, “You can continue this worship, all day long, every day, in everything.”  And I replied, “Ooooh. Sweet. Thank you.”  Because when I allow myself to be fully aware of the astounding amount of Love that He has for me, my desire to honor Him takes over, but usually I feel like I have to make a choice between worshipping Him or getting on with my chores. 

I love that in finding my identity by seeking His heart I am more and more aware that there is So Much More to life.  I love that in letting go of shame and lies, my hands are free to receive His grace and respond in worship.  I love that in trading in all the ugly baggage I have for the beauty of the Love He holds for me, I find myself completely lost in awe.  And so yes, sometimes in planning out my to-do list, I find myself wanting to sit at His feet all day.

But I’m pretty sure He didn’t give His life so that we could cuddle for eternity.  I’m pretty sure He gave His life so that I could live Life abundantly.  I’m pretty sure He wants me to go and be who He created me to be.  And yes, I’m pretty sure He created me to be a worshipper, that means so much more than singing songs and sitting at His feet though.        

I can, I want, to worship Him, honor Him with so much more than songs.  And so, I am praying, thinking, asking, “Father, how can I most honor you in everything I do? With all of my resources, my time, my energy, in my mothering, as a friend, as a daughter and sister, with my money, with my hands and feet, in all I do and say, let me give thanks for all that you have done for me. Let all that I am and all that I have bring you praise.” 

I realize this is maybe a place a lot of you have landed already and that’s awesome.  I also realize this sounds like it might be a little much, a little extravagant to some of you, but He is kind of an extravagant God.  And I am grateful that He has shown me ways already that I can serve Him more and Love Him more. 

The simple, profound truth that He loved, loves me enough to give His only Son is transforming.  And it is all kinds of lovely to me that instead of getting through the day so that I can get back to praising Him, I can worship Him all day long, with my attitude and actions, with everything. 



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