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Think Differently, Live Differently: Keys to a Life of Freedom

    I don’t know how to write a proper review of this book because… well because it is so much more than a book really.  It changed what I think about who He is.  It changed how I relate to Him because of that.  It changed how I relate to me because of that.  It changed how I allow Him to relate to me because of that.  What I understand Freedom to be is different and so my pursuit of Freedom is different.   

"Freedom is the ability to act or react in life as the man or woman you were created to be"

    This was my problem in trying to get free in the past, all I was doing was getting more wrapped up in myself by spending all my time trying to figure out who I was supposed to be.  The difference now, I'm seeking first His Kingdom and His righteosness and trusting that all of these other things that I had constantly been worrying about and working on will be added. I know this isn't a new concept, but the way it is explained in this book helped me really take hold of it. 

    You guys, seeking first His kingdom is the most awesome, fantastic, wonderful, healing, helpful, revolutionary thing ever in the whole wide world. 
    The first time I read Think Differently, Live Differently, I gobbled it up, sped through each paragraph hoping to soak up every bit of information as fast as possible.  And then because it was so revolutionary, wonderful and well written, I re-read it, slowed down and re-read sentences.  I closed it when something profound hit me, even if I was only five minutes in.  I let Another Voice narrate instead of my own.  And now, I am at a loss for how to review the book, other than to say life is different, better for sure. 

    Sitting with a  friend one day, I tried to explain different, the peace I had and what that meant, and I’m pretty sure I failed.  There just really are no words.  She asked for practical examples, “So like instead of not eating at all, do you just eat whatever junk you feel like eating?” she asked in reference to my eating issues. I thought about it for a moment and stumbled through a response.  “Well no, I mean, I don’t really think about it.  That’s the difference.  Food is not controlling me.  I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t eat when I’m not.  I eat healthy food mostly because I like healthy food but I don’t not eat treats because I’m scared of them…” 

    It’s like, there is no spoon. But for real.  You know what I mean? 

    Somewhere in the conversation my friend said something along the lines of, “but I don’t feel love from Him sometimes, at least not that way.”  And for maybe the first time I had a response for that.  “That's just it.  I’m not talking about feeling love, I’m talking about knowing Love.”  I know first hand, feeling love is amazing, and I also know first hand not feeling love is not amazing.  This new knowing Love thing- it is beyond amazing.  The best part- it is not dependent on my situation or my feelings.   

    In addition to reading the book I’ve been attending Freedom Classes and I’m sure that has helped a ton with all of the shifting that has happened.  In one of the classes I was challenged to spend an extended period of time with God, not twenty or thirty minutes, but three or four hours.  Now if this idea had been proposed to me a few months ago, I’m pretty sure I would have blown it off completely.  But a few months ago, me spending extended periods of time alone with my Father seemed dangerous- maybe He would be hurtful, maybe He wouldn’t show up at all, maybe He would say mean things, maybe He would be there and be cold and silent… 

    Maybe I’m the only one to ever have felt that way, maybe not.  Reading this book though, and letting the reality sink in that my Father is not who I thought He was made me jump at the chance of spending an extended amount of time with Him.  My (once again bumbling) explanation- I’m not worried that He isn’t going to show up because I know that He is here now; He is always with me.  And I’m not scared that He is going to hurt me because that is not His nature.  He isn’t going to say mean things because He loves me, more than I could ever imagine.  And if the room we sit in is filled with silence that will be ok because it will be filled with Love and spending four hours quietly wrapped in Love sounds incredible to me. 

    That’s one of the differences.  Empty rooms, empty space petrified me before.  And now, well, alone is not alone anymore.  You know?  I’m telling you, my mind has more than received information.  Knowledge has drenched my spirit in the most beautiful way; understanding happened because Love soaked my heart.  A couple of people have said to me recently that I look new or seem different.  And this is why- Because I know more about who He is, I trust Him.  I trust Him to be here and take care.  I trust Him to speak to me and change me.  I have let go of so much.  I sleep better.  I wake better.  Life is different because He is free to come in to my life and my heart and do whatever He wants. 

    I am not a farmer, I’m an acrobat.  I am His.  And He is the most important thing in the world, so dying to myself everyday and knowing Him more everyday is an honor.  It is an easier way to do life, a better way to do life.  And life, well it is different.   

    I understand it is totally possible that none of this makes any sense at all.  I don’t know how to better explain it, sorry. 


Please read this book.

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