Testimony (woohoo God is good)

First let me just say, this is not a story about something I did.  This is a story about something my Father did because He is awesome and generous and faithful and Love. 

Ok, so get this~

A few weeks ago I attended a class at Gateway where I was given a book called The Blessed Life.  Now I’m one of those people who reads pretty constantly, but I already had three books going at the time, so I was planning on starting it in a few weeks.  And then I was ten minutes early for church, (which is honestly a miracle in and of itself), the kiddos weren’t with me and the book was still sitting in my car seat, so I popped it open and started reading.  I highly recommend the book, it’s funny, honest, encouraging and biblical.  Anyway, the first chapter has a story about how the author, Robert Morris takes a big leap of faith and hands over money that he feels like the Lord told Him to give only to be almost immediately blessed with exactly ten times that amount. 


Follow me please…

A couple of months ago I was gifted some money, only to find out that the person who gave it to me was to be going on a mission trip to help out a cause that I hold particularly dear.  In talking to the Lord about this one evening I said “If I had my finances more together, she could have taken this money to this organization and it would have made a huge difference.”  And then, ever the encourager, the Father said “Why don’t you give that amount to that organization over the next year?”  Brilliant, I thought.  Done and done.

And then I was going to have coffee with my friend before she left and He said “Make the first payment today.” To which I replied  “Oh.  Umm… look I’m not exactly in a place to be giving money right now.”  And then He said (totally ignoring my response I might add) “Stop and get it out at this ATM.”  And so I did stop and the amount I was planning on getting changed because I had to get an even amount at the ATM.  Cut to the coffee with my friend.  I sat and talked to her and we had a lovely time and not once did I even come close to reaching my hand in my purse and handing her the envelope.  We went to church, sat next to each other for the whole service and I continued to talk (whine) to the Lord about giving.  “Look, this is a lot for me right now ok.  Are you sure?” (Yes, I did ask Him if He was sure.  Sorry, it's just the way I roll.)   Finally I apologized for having such a bad attitude about giving and asked if I could at least have that much replaced in my bank account sometime soon.  I nervously walked up and handed her the money and tried to scoot off, but not before she and her husband prayed over it, tiny amount that it was. 


You guys, and then, I’m not even kidding.  I got home from church.  Sat down to check my email and had an order that was exactly, EXACTLY ten times what I had given.  And I laughed.  And I cried.  I mean, good grief.  He is just so good.  And also, had I not been early to church a few days earlier  or left that book in the car, had I not just read that story, had I not gotten the “wrong” amount from the ATM, had I not given her the money at all, I would have totally missed out on what God was doing.  He was, is building my faith.  He is just being who He says He is really.  Never once did He say to me that whole time that I would receive ten times what I gave back.  And really, I felt blessed the moment I handed it over; the giving was, is the blessing.  Him showing me His awesomeness was totally bonus.  And again I’m left in awe and in love.  Jesus loves me this I know and all that jazz.




2 Comments to “Testimony (woohoo God is good)”

  1. Hi Amber! This is Tirzah from Destiny in Bloom. What a great testimony!! I really enjoyed reading this and rejoice with you at God’s goodness! He is awesome! And I LOVE these types of stories of how God blesses us when we’re obedient. I’m glad you were obedient and didn’t miss out on Him blessing you and showing you how much He loves you! Very cool story! Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you!!

  2. Hi Tirzah! Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement!! DIB Rocks~ So glad you ladies are around to uplift, educate and inspire!!

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