Our New Place

Shh~ don’t tell anyone, but the last house we moved into, that was supposed to be Our House.  As in, I was still married at the time and because I can be hopelessly optimistic sometimes, I sort of thought that even though the ex had not been willing to do anything to even try to get back together for a year it would probably all work out in the end. 

And you know what? It did work out, just not how I thought it would.  Nevertheless, that house, the last one, it was never ours.  This house, well~ it feels like it is. 

My little family, me and my Fab Four, we feel at home.  I don’t feel like we’re waiting on something or somebody to complete us.  I don’t feel like we’re disabled or disfigured by missing an adult male in our home, and I did, for longer than I care to admit. 


Moving has been part of a really big transition for us, but oh so necessary for about a million reasons.  It represents so much metaphorically and literally for our maybe not-so-little family. Woohoo and hooray for new beginnings!

The first time I walked in to this place the first thing I noticed was the light.  I need light to take photos, and oh do I need to take photos.  The light here is amazing.  The second thing I noticed was the carpet.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so much more than grateful for this house, but I was not super pumped to have carpet throughout. 

In walking through the house for the first time I made a couple of calls and talked with friends about how awesome it was, minus the carpets.  The Pie was with me and she mostly just ran full speed back and forth from one end of the empty house to the other. 

A few hours later we went to pick up The Other Three from school and as they got in the car, before I could say a word, The Pie said “YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT!!! WE HAVE A NEW HOUSE AND IT HAS CARPET!!!”  to which they all replied with shouts and squeals of delight “CARPET!!! WOOHOO!  Now it won’t hurt when we fall, and we can sit in the floor to watch Saturday morning cartoons!” and “YESSSSSS! Now I can do flips in the house and my feet won’t be cold when I get out of bed in the morning!!”   It was pretty fantastic, put an enormous smile on my face.  The excitement continued all the way to the new house, where I opened the door only to have them all run in ahead of me and start making “carpet angels”.  


And so we are here in this great little house with this amazing light and pretty fabulous carpet.  Happy to be moved in and happy actually to have downsized a bit, simplified if you will.  I get (another) do over with the whole “A place for everything and everything in its place” concept.  And we’re loving it.  A lot.  God is so, so, so good, great really. 


P.S. Shout out to the Grace Vineyard Moving Crew, Paul Jones, Susanna and Jeremy Thomas, Tom and Kay Thomas, Rick and Joan Blinn, Zeke and Zach Blinn, Sean and Tim Dockery, Michael Miller, The Thorstads and Rusty the Truck.  You guys all did an outstanding job and we are super duper incredibly blessed!  



3 Comments to “Our New Place”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, all I did was send the twins….

  2. Nuh-uh. You found the place, Silly.

  3. This is super great! So glad to hear how happy you are!! Love the photos and the story. What great memories you are making.

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