My Heart

Oh this little girl… She is my heart. 

And she knows it.  And there are days when it is oh so hard not to be wrapped around her little finger.  And there are days when she utterly exhausts me with all of her passion and sensitivity.  (No idea where she gets that from.)  This girl, she is everything I didn't even know I meant when I said I needed a girl.  Of course, all of my Loves are incredibly special to me. Griffen is my joy I think, and Gabe is my peace, and Grace is my Strength.

 And this girl, she is my heart. 

One Comment to “My Heart”

  1. I love this, and I think its because I can totally relate, as I’m sure many parents can. You love them all the same but so differently, and its something without a descriptive word good enough for it. My father drives me nuts because he totally doesn’t understand that. He thinks loving someone different means you have to have a favorite. They’re all favorites in different ways.
    Anyway, this was beautiful. I loved it. Glad to read it.

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