My Escape

586 (2)
(Wherein I am a little defensive and ever so slightly teenager-ish with Jesus)

The kids were in bed, the towels were folded and put away and the house was quiet.  *Deep sigh* I was ready to spend time with God, so I popped in my earbuds and blasted some Kim Walker Smith.  About fifteen minutes into my own personal jam session, Jesus tapped me on the shoulder. 

Him:  Hey Kiddo, what are you doing?
Me:  (a little startled, taking out the earbuds) Oh, hey.  I’m worshipping.
Him:  Oh really? 
Me:  Yeah.  (pointing to my IPod) See, worship.
Him:  Worship is a response though, seems like you’re using it for an escape.  And if you are worshiping me now, why does it feel like I’m interrupting you?    
Me:  What?  I’m totally worshipping. I totally love you.
Him:  Well then sit quietly with me for a while and let me give you something to respond to.  I love that you enjoy worship, but blasting praise music in your ears is not a substitute for hearing my voice kiddo.  It is a good way to start.  It's a good way to reset your brain and to prepare yourself to hear my voice, but it is not a substitue.  Nothing is.  I love you.  I want to spend time with you.  That’s how relationships work.  Let’s work on ours. 

And then…
…well…  And then we had a really sweet time.  And for the hundredth time I tried to remember why I ever let myself get out of the habit of spending daily, intentional time with Somebody who just Loves me so much.  It is oh so humbling, and I am oh so grateful that He continues to tap me on the shoulder anyway. 

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