This Little Light of Mine

Leaving church the other day I heard My Sweet One say to his best friend and sister very quietly, “I gave my heart to Jesus today.” And then he beamed.  And she squealed and said “What?! Eew.”  He laughed and explained “Not like I took it out of me and handed it to Him.  I closed my eyes and He was standing there and I said He could have my heart.”  (Oh gosh I can’t even type it without tearing up.)  I glanced at him grinning from ear to ear in the rearview mirror and tried to contain my excitement because he is the most sensitive, quiet, shy, private little soul I know.  “Gabe I’m so proud of you; that’s so awesome. What a great decision!”   He muttered a little “thanks” sat back bashfully, still smiling and sighed.  We talked about it a little more when we got home.  He curled up with me as he does and sheepishly grinned while I told him again how proud I was and how excited I was for what God was doing in him.  I asked what he thought and how he felt and he said “Well God knows my name and he wrote it in His book.  And I’m really glad Mom, really glad.” 


If you knew this kid when he was about this size, then you know how different he is now, (and not just because he is out of diapers).   Little Gabe was a pretty ornery kid, more so than most.  He hardly spoke, he hit a lot and he growled.  No kidding, he used to go around snarling at people and growling all the time, honestly it was hard not to laugh.  He earned “My Sweet One” because when he was not being especially mean, he was incredibly sweet.  Ever the cuddler, and pretty apt to spontaneously smother me in hugs and kisses.  But for the first five or six years of his life, all that sweetness was kind of sporadic and mixed always with the not-so-sweetness.  The last couple of years though, he has softened.  He has grown gentler.  And though it is his nature to be intense, he has lightened up a little.  He loves much more freely now, still somewhat gaurded at times, but so much less angry.  He is still so much himself, and somehow so changed in his eight years.  And I  am so incredibly excited to see what awesome things God will do through him. 

That I get to witness the work that God is doing in his life is such a privilege.  That I get to be one of the people to call out and see the greatness in him is an honor.  That I get to be his mother, amazing. 

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