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September 25, 2010


Holy. Cow. 

Who’s got two thumbs and is still alive ~ This girl. 

 Also, I only just fully realized yesterday that Jesus is not like one of the characters on “Bewitched”.  You know how Samantha would call on her relatives and they would magically appear, sometimes floating in mid air, sometimes fresh out of the bathtub all soapy and unaware of what was going on?  Yeah, don’t tell anyone~ I totally thought Jesus just popped into my kitchen or car when I called on Him in distress.  And then I’d have to explain the whole situation to Him since He had just been chillin’ at His crib and totally unaware of what was going on with me.  I know this sounds bizarre, I wish I was kidding.    

Anyway, having recently been in DISTRESS and surviving only by acknowledging moment by moment that Jesus was in fact fully present with me was fairly revolutionary.  And so today I spent the whole glorious, rainy, quiet day with Jesus.  And I kept getting antsy and saying to Him, “I want to be able to capture this somehow, I don’t know how to take a picture of This.”  To which He replied, “You don’t have to capture this to remember me.  I am always with you.  We get to do this all the time”. And I was like “Wow. That~ is fantastic.” 

I mean, I have been in church for years.  I have known for a long time that I could talk to Jesus and that He would listen and talk to me.  I have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.  But feeling, acknowledging that Jesus is ALWAYS with me…

So. Flipping. Awesome.  You guys- I didn't. Even. Know.  

So tonight when we (yes, "we") went to church, because I had just spent the entire day soaking up this new realization that This Amazing Friend is here, really here, all the time, for real- I actually thought “Do I save Him a seat or just let somebody sit on Him?”  I'm serious.  That's how new this feeling is to me. 

To clarify (a little) I don't think Jesus is my boyfriend.  This last week a whole ton of PROBLEMS stacked up and having been totally unable to fix those problems myself I decided instead of focusing on my things I would focus on The Most Important Thing.  I have tried to be as Kingdom focused as possible, and in doing so I have been learning as much as I could about The Kingdom and The King.  Days spent head bowed in worship and ears closed to the world listening to Him were helpful, (though wow do I wish that had happened under different circumstances.)  Lightbulb moments are abounding over here, thank God.  Really I just quit trying to figure out me and my stuff and started trying to better understand Him and His stuff- and wow is that way more awesome and less depressing.  So, He's not my boyfriend, but He is my Savior, Father, God, King, Lover, Lifter-of-my-head, Not-so-imaginary-Friend. (And I am His girl by the way, I am maybe His favorite~ just sayin')

And yes, I know, I know~ I am your most crazy friend. 

P.S. You get no photos with this post, because I was way too busy hanging out with Him to take any. 


September 6, 2010


Big Changes happening around here.  Lots of new stuff, some very super challenging things, mostly good stuff though. 

Emmy started school.  She didn't technically start on the first day, but she did start and she super loves it.  

Sweet story: We went to get her shots so she could start and the whole time we're waiting there are kids coming in and out crying.  I distracted her as much as possible with questions about princesses and quizzes about Care Bears.  Her turn came and she sat in my lap and smiled at the nurse.  Then she looked at the little girl in line behind her and saw that she was crying.  She asked why and I explained that the little girl was scared of getting shots and maybe if Emmy showed her it wasn't that bad she would feel better.  So my sweet girl locked eyes with her crying friend and smiled her biggest smile without a flinch through three shots.  The other girl went from wailing to sniffles and then quieted down.  The nurse was shocked, told her she was the bravest little girl she had ever seen and gave her a lollipop.  I was amazed really.  I'll never forget bracing myself for her kicking and screaming and  tears, and then watching her grin from ear to ear just so the other little girl wouldn't be scared.  

Man, kids are fantastic. 

My little guy, my Sweet One, My Gabe turned 8.  We had a low-key birthday.  He didn't mind, he's a low-key dude. 

Sweet Story 2:  The other day he walked over to my camera shelf where all of my old cameras sit.  He stared up at them for a while and then asked if he could have one since I had so many of them.  We compromised and I said he could choose one to learn to use and borrow.  And oh, be still my heart, he chose the old school film rig.  The rest of the evening was spent learning the meter, manual focus and winding film.  While he was walking around snapping, Emmy got hurt and started to cry.  Gabe, attentive big brother that he is, quickly went to her. "It's ok, don't cry. I'll let you take some pictures."  As if holding a camera had some sort of healing powers.  She looked at him like he was crazy and then he looked across the room at me.  "Oh, Gabe, sorry honey, I think it's just me and you that feel better when we take pictures.  She probably wants a hug and some ice."  And so he gave her a hug and I got her some ice.  How lovely is it though, that my little artist and I have this photo loving connecting point?  So, so lovely. 

Oh, and The Pie is doing  her best to adjust to being the only one at home with lil' ol' me.  I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm the like, the most boring person ever, geez.  We try to get out and do stuff, and I try to give her activities and a schedule, but it's just not quite enough.  She wants to GO! and DO! all the time.  She wants a plan every morning as soon as we drop the kids off.  She wants a timer set for each activity.  Honestly if she didn't look like my mini me, I'd say she was switched at birth.  I'm working on finding a part time job for me and a preschool for her so she can get to work on her PHD as soon as possible.  In the meantime she is whipping me into shape.   

084.1 (2)
Last but not least, Griff is not even complaining about school.  I feel no need to elaborate or add a sweet story.  That is awesome enough in and of itself.  Also, he is turning 10 this week.  Eek and Holy Cow!!  Can't believe it.  

Anyway, if you happen to think of us, keep us in your prayers and we promise to return the favor.

Love, love,

Amber and The Monkeys

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