As I sit in my waterless house this
morning I am reminded of a story from a while back.  Goes a little something like this…

 One kidless summer afternoon, I was
on my way out to the store only to discover my *surprise* newly mowed
lawn.  My friendly afro-sporting neighbor
and his buddy were standing in his driveway and as I strolled across my freshly
cut grass to inquire about my lovely surprise I overheard them discussing the
Mavericks game.  I asked how the Mavs
were doing; they both sipped their beer and shook their heads in disappointment.   “Man, they’re doin’ terrible as usual.  Just can’t get their shit together for the
playoffs.”  I nodded in agreement
and then asked if either of them knew anything about my newly mowed lawn.  My neighbor replied “Hey man, it was Mother’s
Day the other day, so I figured, what the hell.”  I smiled and shuffled my feet a little before
offering a big “Aww, you didn’t have to do that. Thankyousomuch.”  He assured me it was no big deal and then
said “Hey, don’t that asshole mow the grass for you?”  Not sure which asshole he was referring to
since there is a rather unfortunate abundance of them in my life, I said “Which
one?  My ex?”  He choked on his sip of beer and laughed. “Nah
man, the guy you rent from”.   “Oh” I said, “nope, he doesn’t”. 

A couple more laughs and a slight
pause later they offered me a beer.  I
declined and said my goodbye, “Hey, thanks again for mowing the grass.  It really means a lot.  And hey, sorry about the Mavericks.”  They both shrugged and smirked and then the
buddy said “Hey, sorry ‘bout the asshole’s.”   Just an offhanded comment maybe, but to me it
was brilliant, and sincere, and needed. 

Sometimes I still replay that
moment in my head, just for kicks, only the buddy is a white guy with long hair
and a beard wearing a white robe with a purple sash and sandals.  Sometimes in my head, my afro-sporting
neighbor is standing in his driveway with Jesus.  And Jesus, with a grin on his face waves to
me and says “Hey, sorry ‘bout the asshole’s.” 
And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think that Jesus is
indeed genuinely sorry about how crappy some people can be sometimes. 

           Is that weird?  Oh

          P.S.   This is not to
say at all that my life is full of jerks. 
My life is full of people who are full of Love and Life really.  Lucky for me, (or maybe, probably, it isn’t
luck at all), I have an abundance of extraordinary friends- a fantastic, amazing,
super wonderful circle of loving, caring, kind, helpful, supportive, clever,
witty, beautiful friends.   You know who
you are.  Thankyousomuch. 


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