This Reason

    Sometimes something simply being the right thing to do is
not reason enough for me to not want to do it. 
Ya dig? 

    Sometimes I want things
that I am pretty aware are not the best for me. 
Sooo…  sometimes I have to find
other reasons to do the right thing.  Most
of the time those reasons are my kids.  This one Good Choice that I have a particularly hard time making is most
easily made when I think about my girls. 
And I’m not gonna lie, it is mostly Em that I think about when I am
trying to make this particular Right Choice. 
Partly because she is older and closer to having to make this decision herself,
but also because she possess a very sweet, naïve innocence and purity that to
be quite honest, blows me away.   I have no idea where she got it from, but I see
it in her and I treasure it.  I want her
to understand that it is a gift.  I want
her to understand the importance of herself, her heart, her purity.  I want her to hold it dear.  I want her to guard it.  I want to protect it in her.  And I want her to be honored.  I think these are probably things I am
supposed to want for myself as well, and I’m working on figuring that out.  But for now, This Beautiful Girl is all the Reason I need.


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