Love Notes

Inspired to join the love note revolution seen here and here


So who should I write this love note to?


My Oldest Boy


My Griff- The one who made me a mother, the one who brought whole new meaning to “You Are My Sunshine”.  This almost ten year old that throws his arms around me and kisses me in public still.  He is a reader, a writer, a thinker~ manchild. 

Griff, you my boy are brilliant, you are funny, wise and unique.  I think often that you will make an incredible husband and father because you have an incredible capacity to love.  


My Sweet One


My Gabe- The little bundle who came in softly and melted my heart with his quiet easiness.  The boy who’s passion and temper come around just often enough to help me really appreciate his profound and simple sweetness. 



My Sweet One, I love that there is such an abundance of love in your tiny self that it comes pouring out sometimes and all you know to do is let it flow. 




My Emmy

My Princess- You sensitive little soul, to say that things affect you deeply is an understatement.  Your heart is tender girl, and you don’t care who knows it.  Your eyes, moons when you smile, are kind and gentle.  You said to me once that you knew how to make them sparkle and then I watched you do it. 



Beautiful girl, you shine.  My Princess, may your softness and your beauty affect deeply everything you do. 


My Grace 


My Pie- Fiercest girl I know, gift that I didn’t know I needed.  You were born to lead and you know it.    You keep us grounded, you keep us going, you keep me on my toes.  Bright and bold and yes, ballsy.  And yes, sweet as pie when you want to be.  




Grace, it is no secret there is greatness in you.  Grow in grace little love and may your light pierce the darkness more and more as you do.





(Can I write a love note to myself without being sarcastic and self deprecating?  I don’t know.)

I do know this.  I am strong, brave, wise and damn funny.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I am looked after by The Most Wonderful Father.  I am beautiful? Yes, I think so.  I am passionate, sensitive, soft and bold.   

Hey You,

You’re doing a good job with these kids and this life ya know?  Screw ups and meltdowns aside because there is grace, you’re really fabulous.  Nice legs and great jokes aside (for the moment), you’re a really great person. (And gosh darn it, people like you.)



Ah, love notes, I might be addicted to them.  There might be a few more of these already written.  My Creator has a long one in the works for sure.  And they may or may not pop up here~ or in your mailbox.  You never know. 

And hey, join the Love Note Revolution. Write a love note, (or twenty). Can't hurt. 

Love, love,






3 Comments to “Love Notes”

  1. Love, love, love it. People really do like you! 🙂 And you are doing an amazing job with your life.
    And I think Pie might be President one day.

  2. You are wonderful and amazing and yes, you have nice legs. You are doing a bang up job with those kids and more than anyone I know, you persevere. No one has had more reason give up or give in than you and you always keep laughing. I’ve learned a lot from you friend.

  3. awww…
    love you guys too!!
    a ton.

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