These kids I have?  All I ever wanted.


This motherhood gig is a tough one for sure, but I just keep thinking about my childhood and how hard most of the adults around me made it seem to really love kids.  And now that I have them, don’t get me wrong, there are hard days, they are whiny and they fight and they get on my nerves- But they are not hard to love. 

These kids are so incredibly lovable.  And they are so incredibly likable. 

And they are my little friends.  And they are my loves.  



This single mom thing is not where I thought I would ever end up, it is a place that I gave everything I had to stay out of, but it is where I am at now, it is where we are at.  It's not the easiest, it's busy, it's tough, it's work and it's tiring.  But I want to make sure that I never lose sight of, that they always know, that they mean the world to me. 

And so I am doing my best to change our family’s legacy.  It is my intention to give my kids a richer heritage than what I was handed.  Now for sure, I repeatedly I trip up, and stumble, and fall, and fail at doing the right thing, but I will never stop pushing, and learning, and growing, and trying to be a better mom. 



Because they are indeed treasures.  Their little hearts and minds were entrusted to me to nurture and love.  And they are growing bigger and smarter and stronger everyday.  And everyday is an opportunity for me to love them better.    542.1



Listen, I want you to know that I am doing my best, I really am, to show you all the time that you are loved, loved, loved.  Forgive me please for times when I fail at that.  And thank you for the thousands of things you have taught me about love.  Please never hesitate to love big and shine bright.  Always know that this earthly love so pales in comparison to His Love.  Stay true, laugh loud, dance often. 


Love you so, so much, always,



One Comment to “Mommin’”

  1. LOVE it… and i know what you mian about adults making it seem like kids are hard to love 😦

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