Keepin It Real

Look, I’m gonna be real honest here.  Sometimes I make terrible messes.  Sometimes I make terrible messes I know better than to make.  Often times when life does it’s swirly, stormy thing I get real close to the ground and focus and hold on and listen.  Most times really, there is praying and writing and resting and fighting and listening and working and striving going on over here.  There is intention about things as small as diet and exercise and sleep, there is quiet time on my knees, there is endless journaling and external processing, there is counseling and accountability.  The list goes on.  Point being: most of the time, I try to do the right thing.  But guys, sometimes it is too much.  Sometimes I am too tired.  Sometimes I am caught off guard by some sideways curve ball life throws at me and it knocks me on my ass.  And sometimes, I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I just dig my heels in and make bad choices because they feel good at the time.  And the last couple of weeks feel like a combination of all of those things.  Needless to say I am left with a bit of a mess to clean up. 

And it is going to be fine, it really is.  But right now…  how does Paul say it??

Ah, yes-                                  

"It's hard to remember your original objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your neck in alligators."


Thank goodness for These Little Wonders.

They keep me grounded, make me want bigger and better, for me, for us.

Prayers love and positivity much appreciated.  And back atchya.  

Untitled Too

See you on the flip side.


4 Comments to “Keepin It Real”

  1. Know who I love? You. And your kids. That’s all today.

  2. Grace. It’s a good thing. Jesus loves you this I know. And so do we. MTH

  3. Lots of prayers, love, and positivity coming your way from KY.

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