Date Night


Date night with my guys, totally fantastic.  The ex took the girls for dinner and the boys and I opted for Backwards Dinner.  A favorite treat around here- dessert first.  We decided on a new ice cream place, Pure Bliss.  

Griff requested my camera, which Gabe eventually confiscated, so it’s mostly documented by the boys.  (I feel the need to insert the disclaimer: I'm not three months pregnant, my hands are in my hoodie pocket.)

We rocked out to Weezer, POD and Cake on the way there, a dude's playlist for sure.  I’m not gonna lie, when the girls are away, we blast the stereo. 


As it turns out, Pure Bliss, totally is. (And how cute is Gabe's perspective of the snacks?!)

Tons of flavors, tons of toppings, fairly healthy, not too expensive. 

Also, the decor is awesome. 


We popped in to Game Stop to play a bit.  We checked out a Dojo and scoped some karate moves. 

All in all we bad a blasty-blast. 

It made me realize though, they are more and more like guys and less and less like boys.  Which is sad, yeah, but it’s also exciting and wonderful.  Of course I am in no hurry to see them grow up, and I want them to enjoy to their childhood as long as possible, but the glimmers of guys that I see are so…  great. 

They are.  My boys are going to be such spectacular guys, and one day, oh my gosh, they’re going to be men, great ones I’m sure. (And now I'm thinking we're going to have to have The Talk, which will actually be The Dialogue, so I guess I better start gearing up for that.)  They'll be eight and ten this year.  (And forget lying about my age, I'm going to lie about theirs.  How on earth am i going to have a ten year old?!)


Scary, and exciting.  I love it.  Spending time with them, one on one or together and talking with them and hearing how they think and seeing their eyes sparkle and watching them interact and knowing that these children, my children, are in fact great people.  Yes, they frustrate me and stress me out, sometimes they are mean, don’t listen, disobey, all of the regular kid stuff happens.  And yes, they are zany, wacky, quirky goofballs, but all in all, my boys are great.    


Kind of makes me think maybe I’m doing something right.  Kind of makes me think maybe they listen every once in a while.  And it makes me think all the hard stuff, all the exhausting, blood, sweat and tears are so, so worth it.   Because the hard stuff  pales, way pales in comparison to the good stuff.  No, I don’t think motherhood is all pure bliss, but so much of it is totally fantastic. 


2 Comments to “Date Night”

  1. can’t wait to meet all your munchkins!

  2. haha… that last picture is so great!

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