My Baby

This one, my baby, the one I once referred to as my babiest baby, she is the most grown up two year old in the whole world. 

Pie in bed
Except when she is sleeping

Sleepy pie 

And when she first wakes up


She is the sweetest cuddliest little angle baby in the whole world.  She hugs and cuddles and talks softly and kisses and cuddles some more.  For about five minutes.

Beautiful pie
And then she gets right back to planning and scheming and running things around here.  

Green pie 

She's a bossy one for sure, but with a face like this-

Blue eyed pie 

what can we do but bow to her every whim?


3 Comments to “My Baby”

  1. oh how i love this…she is definitely the most precious thing i’ve ever seen:)

  2. Pie, my love! I do adore her little self.

  3. I love Pie. She is a gorgeous soul.

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