Hangin With My Monkeys

Another great weekend. 

One wherein this amazing man-child wrote the first six chapters of his autobiography.  It is funny and interesting and happy and sad.  It's all of six pages long and includes cover illustrations and a table of context and an index, of course. 

And this sweet boy left this sweet note.  Also, last week this love of mine woke me up by putting his nose up to mine and saying "I am so smitten with you."  And then my heart melted and then I got up and made toast for everyone. 

He does
And this smart girl made up a new game.  You roll the dice and you have to make however many words you roll out of what is left of her refrigerator magnets.  I'm not exactly sure how the scoring works, but she assured me that she was the winner. 

New game 

And I introduced Pie to Joan Jett via the youtube video for "I Love Rock and Roll".  Because if I don't, who will?

Pie loves rock and roll 

And then Sunday morning happened.  We went to church.  And sometimes when I'm at church, I assume that God is probably present, and sometimes I (very unfortunately) don't think that much about where He is.  And sometimes He shows up and sits next to me and taps me on the shoulder and gives me and my friends big hugs.  And this Sunday, boy did He ever show up.    

Also, check out these little buds.

You guys, spring is totally on it's way.


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