Pondering, listening, praying, reading, re-grouping (i hope, i think)



Following this

Lenten Calendar



·        That the things I say and the ways I choose to interact can have the power of life or death.  Actions and words put out into the universe are either contributing to the betterment or contributing to the destruction of our world. 

      The tongue has the power of life and death,
       and those who love it will eat its fruit. –Proverbs 18:21

 ·        How I live matters, all of it.  Because I have energy, life force in me and it is constantly going out of me.  I can choose to channel it into something good, or bad, or to do nothing really intentional at all.  I can take my energy or passion and create great things, do good works, bring life, speak healing, affirm, help, contribute.  Or I can put my energies into unhealthy, hurtful, harmful things.  Or I can live without any real thought or propose about what I’m doing, and my life force will simply be dispersed uselessly into the random thoughtless things I do.  

 And Wondering

·        Does knowing Jesus affect the way I think and speak and act and live or is it just a fun happy thing to sing about on Sunday mornings?  Does my believing in Him change me?  Do I live differently because I understand how incredibly perfect He loves me?  What is my response to that perfect Love?  How can I be an example of His love to my children, love them to the best of my abilities, while teaching them that my love is imperfect and not a replacement for His?

Reading (and loving)

Sex God    by Rob Bell


It’s actually way less about sex than you would think.  More about the way we view relationships and spirituality based on what we believe.  More in depth explanations of verses and meanings and how they relate to us. More about living intentionally with better understanding of how we were meant to live.  And more about how Jesus' life, a representation and sacrifice for us, should affect the way we live our lives.  And about what sex is supposed to be.


Listening to

These, particularly the "fruit" sermon

Watching this




And inspired (i hope, i think) to fly off of this branch that I've been sitting on.




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