Focusing, repenting


In an effort to cleanse and re-direct and refocus, I’m fasting sweets and facebook and shopping for Lent.  Because I need to.  Because I feel I am supposed to.  Because in my head I’m standing still, not moving in any direction, but in reality I am on a steady path in the wrong direction.   There’s nothing major going on, I’ve not made any huge mistakes, but I certainly have not been as intentional as I could be about the direction I am heading in.  So having been convicted in a major way, I’m gonna stop, take some time, look at my compass, refer to my map and reassess.  Jesus died for me- So that I could socially network days away?  So that I could eat garbage without giving it a thought?  So that I could spend frivolously money that could be used to feed hungry mouths?  I doubt it.  I’m not sure what the end of this season will look like for me, I hope that it will be a renewal of intention and passion for Living like the One I love.  I refuse to parent thoughtlessly and live mindlessly.  I refuse to settle for good enough.  Father help me be all that You created me to be. 


And now…

A week or so ago we stayed in all weekend for crafts and it was kind of magical.  My thoughts generally lean toward going out spending money and eating unhealthy treats when I have the kids on the weekends.  So in an effort to save some dough and spend some quality time, we sat at our table and created things all weekend long. 


We made necklaces and bracelets galore.


Beading is a fairly easy task.  It requires just enough focus and effort to hold their attention, so we were all able to relax and listen to music and discuss and debate and tell knock knock jokes to our hearts content. 

Both of the boys got to choose out their charms and they love their super manly necklaces.


We started with one big bag of mixed wooden beads and shells and 15 minutes in Emmy had separated out every pink and purple shell for hers.  


Pie and I worked together on her's.  She chose out the dragonfly from an assortment of butterfly charms, and it so suits her.  

We did some watercolor painting and worked with pastels, we took photos, made music and danced (of course).  

All in all the weekend in was a success. 


So here's to changes big and little.

Inside and out. 

The way we treat the creation reflects how we feel about the Creator.

Let there be more intention.  Let there be more grace.  Let there be more love.    

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