Where does it go?  Jeez.  It flies.  It gets away from me. 

Also- it heals.


A couple of weeks ago I turned 28.  And last week Heather and Debby hosted a little get together that I like to call The Best Birthday Party Ever, lots of my favorite people, all in one place, eating brownies, sipping wine and worshiping together.  It was fantastic.  Also, they all pitched in and got me a drum.  How awesome is that?  Pretty freakin’ awesome.  Also, Paul  well, let’s just say he sealed the deal on the whole Greatest Man Ever gig. 

And now I’m an old lady, an old divorced lady.  It’s been a year since the divorce, so that seems like kind of a big deal.  Though, honestly it's not something I think about very much.  Except that now it’s February and here I am, still alive, and I’m good, I’m happy.  And if you were around last year about this time that mostly wasn’t the case.  And if you were one of the people patting me on the back telling me everything was going to be okay, you might remember that I was somewhat skeptical.  And when I say somewhat skeptical I mean I kicked and screamed at the idea of being single for more than a week.  So about a year ago in a small moment of clarity, and at the advice of, oh I don't know, everyone that I spoke to at all, I decided that probably the best thing to do was to wait a year before I even thought about dating or another relationship.  That’s not to say that I didn’t, ahem, trip up on that decision a time or two.  But I did for the most part, outside of a couple of very small, quirky little adventures, stick with the no dating thing. 

It’s not something I think about or have to be very intentional about even.  There certainly is not a line of suitors waiting to sweep me off my feet as soon as that year is up.  I'm not gonna start spending my nights off man-hunting.  And the thing is- I’m totally okay with it.  Life is just really good right now.  I’m standing on my own two feet.  There’s so much going on with Fly, and the kids, and then there was getting my GED, and now thinking about school.  And yes, I am exhausted more days than not, but I really love our life right now.  So while anything is possible, and there’s a chance that some Brady Bunch madness might happen someday, and I still really love men and oh so many things about them… 


I never thought I’d say this, but for now, single is where it’s at for me, and I kind of love it. 

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