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February 26, 2010

My Baby

This one, my baby, the one I once referred to as my babiest baby, she is the most grown up two year old in the whole world. 

Pie in bed
Except when she is sleeping

Sleepy pie 

And when she first wakes up


She is the sweetest cuddliest little angle baby in the whole world.  She hugs and cuddles and talks softly and kisses and cuddles some more.  For about five minutes.

Beautiful pie
And then she gets right back to planning and scheming and running things around here.  

Green pie 

She's a bossy one for sure, but with a face like this-

Blue eyed pie 

what can we do but bow to her every whim?

February 22, 2010

Hangin With My Monkeys

Another great weekend. 

One wherein this amazing man-child wrote the first six chapters of his autobiography.  It is funny and interesting and happy and sad.  It's all of six pages long and includes cover illustrations and a table of context and an index, of course. 

And this sweet boy left this sweet note.  Also, last week this love of mine woke me up by putting his nose up to mine and saying "I am so smitten with you."  And then my heart melted and then I got up and made toast for everyone. 

He does
And this smart girl made up a new game.  You roll the dice and you have to make however many words you roll out of what is left of her refrigerator magnets.  I'm not exactly sure how the scoring works, but she assured me that she was the winner. 

New game 

And I introduced Pie to Joan Jett via the youtube video for "I Love Rock and Roll".  Because if I don't, who will?

Pie loves rock and roll 

And then Sunday morning happened.  We went to church.  And sometimes when I'm at church, I assume that God is probably present, and sometimes I (very unfortunately) don't think that much about where He is.  And sometimes He shows up and sits next to me and taps me on the shoulder and gives me and my friends big hugs.  And this Sunday, boy did He ever show up.    

Also, check out these little buds.

You guys, spring is totally on it's way.


February 20, 2010

Pondering, listening, praying, reading, re-grouping (i hope, i think)



Following this

Lenten Calendar



·        That the things I say and the ways I choose to interact can have the power of life or death.  Actions and words put out into the universe are either contributing to the betterment or contributing to the destruction of our world. 

      The tongue has the power of life and death,
       and those who love it will eat its fruit. –Proverbs 18:21

 ·        How I live matters, all of it.  Because I have energy, life force in me and it is constantly going out of me.  I can choose to channel it into something good, or bad, or to do nothing really intentional at all.  I can take my energy or passion and create great things, do good works, bring life, speak healing, affirm, help, contribute.  Or I can put my energies into unhealthy, hurtful, harmful things.  Or I can live without any real thought or propose about what I’m doing, and my life force will simply be dispersed uselessly into the random thoughtless things I do.  

 And Wondering

·        Does knowing Jesus affect the way I think and speak and act and live or is it just a fun happy thing to sing about on Sunday mornings?  Does my believing in Him change me?  Do I live differently because I understand how incredibly perfect He loves me?  What is my response to that perfect Love?  How can I be an example of His love to my children, love them to the best of my abilities, while teaching them that my love is imperfect and not a replacement for His?

Reading (and loving)

Sex God    by Rob Bell


It’s actually way less about sex than you would think.  More about the way we view relationships and spirituality based on what we believe.  More in depth explanations of verses and meanings and how they relate to us. More about living intentionally with better understanding of how we were meant to live.  And more about how Jesus' life, a representation and sacrifice for us, should affect the way we live our lives.  And about what sex is supposed to be.


Listening to

These, particularly the "fruit" sermon

Watching this




And inspired (i hope, i think) to fly off of this branch that I've been sitting on.




February 18, 2010


Get it?  Pie-Yo? 

No idea where she gets this stuff. Mostly I work out at night when the kiddos are in bed, but yesterday I walked into the living room and caught her doing this little routine.  It lasted all of five minutes.  But how flippin' cute is this?

First, she stretches.


Then a couple of leg lifts.


A little downward dog.


Workin' the core muscles with some rolls.

some of this….


a little of that.


Reach way up high…


and bend at the waist and grab your toes.


Throw in a few push ups


And finish it up with a silly face

Oh yeah. 

Feel the burn.

Great workout.  🙂

February 16, 2010

Focusing, repenting


In an effort to cleanse and re-direct and refocus, I’m fasting sweets and facebook and shopping for Lent.  Because I need to.  Because I feel I am supposed to.  Because in my head I’m standing still, not moving in any direction, but in reality I am on a steady path in the wrong direction.   There’s nothing major going on, I’ve not made any huge mistakes, but I certainly have not been as intentional as I could be about the direction I am heading in.  So having been convicted in a major way, I’m gonna stop, take some time, look at my compass, refer to my map and reassess.  Jesus died for me- So that I could socially network days away?  So that I could eat garbage without giving it a thought?  So that I could spend frivolously money that could be used to feed hungry mouths?  I doubt it.  I’m not sure what the end of this season will look like for me, I hope that it will be a renewal of intention and passion for Living like the One I love.  I refuse to parent thoughtlessly and live mindlessly.  I refuse to settle for good enough.  Father help me be all that You created me to be. 


And now…

A week or so ago we stayed in all weekend for crafts and it was kind of magical.  My thoughts generally lean toward going out spending money and eating unhealthy treats when I have the kids on the weekends.  So in an effort to save some dough and spend some quality time, we sat at our table and created things all weekend long. 


We made necklaces and bracelets galore.


Beading is a fairly easy task.  It requires just enough focus and effort to hold their attention, so we were all able to relax and listen to music and discuss and debate and tell knock knock jokes to our hearts content. 

Both of the boys got to choose out their charms and they love their super manly necklaces.


We started with one big bag of mixed wooden beads and shells and 15 minutes in Emmy had separated out every pink and purple shell for hers.  


Pie and I worked together on her's.  She chose out the dragonfly from an assortment of butterfly charms, and it so suits her.  

We did some watercolor painting and worked with pastels, we took photos, made music and danced (of course).  

All in all the weekend in was a success. 


So here's to changes big and little.

Inside and out. 

The way we treat the creation reflects how we feel about the Creator.

Let there be more intention.  Let there be more grace.  Let there be more love.    

February 2, 2010



Where does it go?  Jeez.  It flies.  It gets away from me. 

Also- it heals.


A couple of weeks ago I turned 28.  And last week Heather and Debby hosted a little get together that I like to call The Best Birthday Party Ever, lots of my favorite people, all in one place, eating brownies, sipping wine and worshiping together.  It was fantastic.  Also, they all pitched in and got me a drum.  How awesome is that?  Pretty freakin’ awesome.  Also, Paul  well, let’s just say he sealed the deal on the whole Greatest Man Ever gig. 

And now I’m an old lady, an old divorced lady.  It’s been a year since the divorce, so that seems like kind of a big deal.  Though, honestly it's not something I think about very much.  Except that now it’s February and here I am, still alive, and I’m good, I’m happy.  And if you were around last year about this time that mostly wasn’t the case.  And if you were one of the people patting me on the back telling me everything was going to be okay, you might remember that I was somewhat skeptical.  And when I say somewhat skeptical I mean I kicked and screamed at the idea of being single for more than a week.  So about a year ago in a small moment of clarity, and at the advice of, oh I don't know, everyone that I spoke to at all, I decided that probably the best thing to do was to wait a year before I even thought about dating or another relationship.  That’s not to say that I didn’t, ahem, trip up on that decision a time or two.  But I did for the most part, outside of a couple of very small, quirky little adventures, stick with the no dating thing. 

It’s not something I think about or have to be very intentional about even.  There certainly is not a line of suitors waiting to sweep me off my feet as soon as that year is up.  I'm not gonna start spending my nights off man-hunting.  And the thing is- I’m totally okay with it.  Life is just really good right now.  I’m standing on my own two feet.  There’s so much going on with Fly, and the kids, and then there was getting my GED, and now thinking about school.  And yes, I am exhausted more days than not, but I really love our life right now.  So while anything is possible, and there’s a chance that some Brady Bunch madness might happen someday, and I still really love men and oh so many things about them… 


I never thought I’d say this, but for now, single is where it’s at for me, and I kind of love it. 

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