The Holiday Season

So Christmas was super chill and way awesome.  I may or may not still be in the pajamas that i woke up in yesterday.  We had a cozy morning, just me and the kids.


They unwrapped at the most appropriate speed.

Not so fast that it was over way too quick,

Not slow enough for it to get boring. 


And then, because the weather cooperated with the rest of the universe in the making of The Perfect Christmas, we had a snow ball fight.  In our pajamas.  How awesome is that?


Also?  Maybe a little "ice skating."

Ice skating 

Then we headed back in for doughnuts and hot chocolate.


New toys were opened and assembled

and battery-ized and loved.

Tiny screw drivers were utilized.

Our amazing friends and family were interspersed throughout the day.  And a cat, yes, we have a cat now. 


Pete is super excited about it.

Lots of love was here that's for sure.  We topped it off with our annual Christmas night dinner to IHOP for chocolate chip funny face pancakes.  (no pics of that because, well i was eating chocolate chip pancakes.)  It was a really wonderful day, magical really. Hope yours was lovely too! Can't believe this year is almost over.  It sure has been jam packed, mostly in a good way though.  Happy, happy, merry, merry from us to you.

Cc092 (2) 

So much love,

Me and The Kiddos



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