The Little Artist

Gabe is an artist.  When he was two, I took these shots. 


Still in diapers, he would draw and paint on this easel pretty much every day.  He would concentrate so hard, carefully draw or paint, and then step back and check his work.  One afternoon I heard the boys in the living room arguing and went in to check up on them. “Gabe is sacrificing science and technology for art!!”  They were only two and four at the time. Gabe had made a sculpture out of some nuts and bolts and a battery that Griffen was planning on using for an experiment.  But this little scene so perfectly illustrates their differences to me still. 

Gabe is an introvert, sensitive, pensive and artsy.  Griffen is not.  Gabe cares about what he’s wearing and how his hair looks.  He compliments the girls when they look nice.  I know I’ve said it before, but the kid has a great eye.  When Gabe looks at something he sees it.  When he looks at someone, he looks through them. 

When he draws something he paints in details.  When he photographs something he takes his time, he composes and directs.  He clicks the shutter slowly, deliberately.  

095.1 - Copy

His art teacher came up to me at school the other day and very excitedly said “Gabe is a really great artist!”  I said thank you and that I thought so too and then she put her hand on my arm and looked me in the eye and said “We’re very excited.”  I wasn’t even sure what to say to that except thank you again.  I mean he’s my kid, of course I think he’s a great artist; I tell him all the time.  When we got home, I mentioned what his art teacher said, and he replied “Of course, I am a great artist.”  Apparently my kids don’t really struggle with self confidence. 

So he has one of his pieces in the front hall of the school for the whole school year and the other day he brought home this picture and I totally fell in love with it. 

I realize this may not be the most amazing thing in the world to anyone but me, but I adore it.  I adore his aesthetic leanings.  I adore the way he sees things.  


 My sweet Gabriel, budding little artist.  He's a painter, composer and see-er.  And I adore him.


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