Happy Birthday Bridge

One of the best friends anyone in the whole world could have, for all of the wonderful reasons Erin wrote and more.  Love shines through her pretty much constantly.  I really can’t remember ever looking at her and not seeing love in her eyes.  One of those friends who is there in heartbeat when you need them, before you even have to ask.  She is a giver and a doer.  One of those friends who in good times will celebrate and laugh with you, and in hard times, will hold you up and help you. She just loves so well.  I think maybe this has to do with how well she is loved and how well she receives love.  This girl has an enormous capacity to do those things.  She is open and warm and bright, jeez she’s bright.  


She and Erin are two of my very best friends.  So very different, but still they are friends, a feat I hope my girls manage when they are grown ups.   And they are something like sisters to me, so, so thankful for that.

My girls have them to look up to though and I love that.  They love their “Bidget” dearly and she loves them back the same and the boys too.  Bgsb So I have this amazing friend and my kids have this amazing aunt and I am so incredibly grateful that so much of our lives run together. 


Brigdet Alison,

You are beautiful and lovely and sweet.  Thank you for loving me the way you have.  Thank you for big-sistering me.  I could maybe never thank you enough for the way you love my kids.  And for helping me through the crazy awful mess that was last year.  This next year I’m sure holds big amazing things for you.  Can’t wait to see where you’re gonna go and what He’s gonna do.  I’m sure whatever happens you’ll shine, you always do. 

Love you so so much always,





2 Comments to “Bridget”

  1. You also wrote her well. And beautifully.

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