Running Dialogue


In order to avoid the “How was your day?”  “Fine.” scenario around here, we play a little game.  Each night at dinner, every person says their high and low for the day.  Highs are generally things like “I got a 100 on my spelling test” or “This spaghetti is so yummy.”  Lows range from “My friend at school said something mean to me and hurt my feelings” to “I don’t like eating broccoli for dinner.” Hopefully this does a few of things.  Hopefully it teaches them to all listen, to pay attention, to ask questions and to care about others around them.  Hopefully it is giving them a time and space to talk about their feelings and have them validated.  Hopefully it is giving them some perspective and helping them understand that things are generally not all good or all bad. 

These are things that I am only just figuring out and wish I’d understood more clearly earlier in life.  Concepts I would love to help them have some comprehension of.  Mostly it’s just fun for me to hear them talk about their days and discuss whatever issues they might have, big or small. 


Life has been pretty good around here lately.  A few nights last week, there were no lows at the table.  They celebrated with fist bumps and high fives.  I explained that it was not the most important thing that we not have any lows, but more important that we were all able to sit and talk with each other about the good and bad things in our lives. 

Really I have no idea what impact any of this will have on their lives.  Kinda wish I could fast forward and sit down with their adult selves and see, but I can’t.  I do think it is keeping an oh so important running dialogue going between me and My Loves. 


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