Cooking With Pie

We made chocolate-chocolate chip-banana muffins yesterday afternoon.  About half way through the process I went to go check on the boys out front.  Since the batter was pre-egg, I figured it would be fine to leave her with it for a minute.  "Here Pie, you stir.  Don't eat it."   And then, well, I came back to this:

"Oh, hey Mom."


"Grace.  Did you eat some?"

"Who me?!  Nuh-uh."



"Are you sure about that?"

"Yeah.  I Didn't eat any."




"Really?  It looks like you ate some."




"Well, what's that all over your face?"

"Hmm…  Don't know."



She's a mess that Pie. 

Not to be trusted with muffin batter that's for sure. 




3 Comments to “Cooking With Pie”

  1. umm…are you kidding me with how freakin cute she is?
    I love her.
    mayyyybe one day the feeling will be mutual lol

  2. Oh, Pie my love! I can’t be trusted with chocolate or batter either.

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