Sunday at Home

Sick, (kinda) with sick kiddos (kinda).  Just Griff and Em are sick, and they're just kinda sniffle-y and cough-y, tired, achy, that kinda thing.  I've got the same stuff, but I'm the mom, so while they watched movies with their pillows and blankets, I cleaned everything in the house.  Including the kids


And after we were all freshly bathed, we put on nice clean pj's and rocked 'em all day long.  We read tons of books and colored lots. They all just about flipped when I gave them their new twelve cent spiral notebooks.  Gotta love Target clearance. 

We watched a few hundred movies.  If you have Netfilx- you can watch movies instantly online.  And if your bed rolls you can push it up to your computer and hop in bed with your munchkins for the show.  Gotta love Inspector Gadget.  


Sunday is our "anything" night, so we munched on a myriad of things from Life cereal to meatball subs.  Gotta love Life cereal.

Excerpt from dinner conversation with My Amazing Kids:

          Griffen – Hey, what do you call a sandwich with direction?

Us- Uh… no idea?

Griffen- Subway.  Get it?

Us- Hahahahaha

Me- You know a subway is also a train that can take you places under the streets.   It's kind of like a bus that runs underground.

Emma- But I wouldn't want to go underground, 'cause there's dirt and worms underground.  I hate worms.  They eat dirt.  And they poop dirt.  It's dis-gusting.  I would never wanna go on a subway. Worms are slimy and squishy.

Gabe- How do you know?  You never touched one.  Remember that time we saw fried worms at Erin's house?  They were all crispy and dried up from the sun…

The worm talk went on for a bit.  I redirected about fifteen times and I have no idea what we ended up talking about, but it was stimulating conversation to say the least.  

We cleaned up after dinner together, snuggled up on the couch and read a chapter of Ramona.  I kissed their little heads, listened to their prayers and tucked them in a few minutes ago.  It was a sweet day, full and productive and quiet.  Hopefully we'll wake up tomorrow all feeling better.  Tonight I'm thankful for this Sunday at home.




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