(no swimming pictures from this summer because every time we go to the pool, well, we swim.)
Do you remember trying to teach your kiddos to swim?  Remember taking them out in the water, holding their hands and knowing they could do it if they would just let go and try? 
The slight look of fear on their faces when you said you were going to let go.  Reassuring them that you would be very close, and everything would be okay, and you would never let them drown.  "Kick, kick, kick!  You can do it!"  When you first let go of their fingers, did they panic some?  Did they flail about and say "I can't!  I can't!  Help me! I'm drowning!" ? 
Mine did.  After a few seconds, they realized that in their panic state they were kicking their little hearts out, keeping their heads above water, and- not drowning, but swimming
And then, they would smile, and laugh a little, and blow some bubbles, and say "Look, I'm doing it, I'm doing it!"  And then you have a swimmer, a happy, playful little, go, go, going kiddo that you don't have to be with every second you're in the pool.  Don't go far, keep an eye on them, but they're okay.  And before you know it they're jumping off the side.  By the end of the day they're exhausted, newly confident, usually beaming, but exhausted. 
That is what this past year or so has been like for me.  Not wanting to be let go of.  Not wanting to let go.  Fearing that I would drown.  Unsure if I could do it.  Not wanting to be on my own. 
All of it.  The encouragement from friends that I could do it.  The reassurance from God that I wouldn't drown.  The panic, (maybe more panic than I would like to admit).  The flailing about, (lots of flailing).  I've gone under more than once, swallowed some water, choked a couple of times. 
My head is above water now though. 
And I'm kicking my heart out. 
Swimming I think. 
*Smile.*    *Laugh.*    *Bubbles*
It's exhausting, but I'm doing it. 


2 Comments to “Swimming”

  1. Yay you! 🙂 I heart the photos AND the blog.

  2. YAY!!! You’re SWIMMING!!!! So proud of who you are and who you are growing to be! So glad to know you and to be a tadpole in the same pond 🙂

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