Seven years ago I gave birth to my youngest son.  
It was revolutionary.  Of course all births are.  But Griff's birth was dramatic. And I was just a kid when he was born anyway.  So then Gabe came along, quietly and sweetly and stole a piece of my heart with his intense little soul. 

He changed so much about me.  Thank God.
He is fierce, and quiet, and shy, and gentle.  My Sweet One, my little man.  He looks up to his big brother and looks after his little sisters.  He feels deeply, whatever the emotion.  He is not lacking in the passion department.  He hums constantly, and dances, and drums, and sings, there is music in this kids veins.  And he sees so well, he has a great eye, he is an artist.   All these things wrapped up in a tiny little package, he is a small-ish guy, my Gabe.  A smallish, handsome, moody, intense, creative little guy, and a cuddler.
And he's a lover, and maybe sometimes a fighter, but mostly a lover. 
My Sweet One,
You inspire me with your passion Love.  Your quiet fierceness is more powerful than you know.  And your sight is keener than any seven year old I know.  You've got vision little man.  You've got passion and power and vision and that is an amazing combination.  God has big plans for you Gabeeo.  And I'm thankful that He entrusted me with you.  Getting to be your mom is a privilege, and holding you is a privilege too.  Thank you for letting me hold you, still.  A few days ago, you were sitting in my lap and I kissed your nose and said "I love you My Sweet One" and you cupped my face in your hands and looked me right in the eyes and said "And I love you My Beautiful One".   I don't even know how to begin to tell you how that felt.  The wonderful thing about your transparent blue eyes is that they are so transparent.  All the love that you hold shines right through them.  And the wonderful thing about your words being so few is that they mean that much more.  So that little moment is now forever ingrained in my memory along with so many other great moments you've given me.  You are a gift Son, truly. 
Love you so, so much, always



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