This Week So Far

Emmy taught herself how to read.  And she's four.  No phonics program, no prodding from me- she just started putting letter sounds together and figuring words out.  What can I say?  My kids are unbelievably smart.  And quirky, they're also unbelievably quirky. 
She walked up to me one day and pointed out a word in the back of her Pocket New Testament, and said "Ar-a-bic.  Mommy does this say Arabic?"  Kind of shocked I said "Yes Emmy it does!  Wow, you just read your first word!"
A couple of days later I was telling a friend that Emma had started sounding out words.  She pointed to a word and asked Emma to read it.  And Emma said "No.  Sorry, I can only read Arabic."    Brilliant. 
In other news: Grace is a tomboy.
No love for pigtails here.  No time for bows or clips. 
Outdoors, dirt, grass, she's there. 
And I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm pretty sure God knew what He was doing when He gave me these super amazing girls. 

Oh, and the boys, also super amazing. 
Did a fantastic job of getting up and ready for school all by themselves, pretty much bounded out of the house with huge grins on their faces (did not exactly enjoy me stopping them for pictures) and both had awesome first days. 
It's been a great summer. 
And we're still enjoying these sweet summer evenings. 
And I'm so excited to see where these bright boys will go this year.

So excited to go with them.
They are super amazing indeed. 
The perfect kids for me.

So yay for fresh starts and getting back on proverbial horses and all that jazz.
And peek-a-boo.  Yay for peek-a-boo


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