These Punks

Oh my goodness.  How?   And when?   And…  wow. 
I have a third grader
and a first grader.
Actually, a couple of punks is what I have.
Good lookin' punks, but punks nonetheless.
The other day a friend of mine was talking about her grown son and said
"He's 29, still a punk though."
I said, "That doesn't give me much hope."
"Well it's true" she replied.

The boys start school on Monday.
They're about to be seven and nine. 
I'm just kind of in shock. 
I do think that them being punks will come in handy when their little sisters have *shudder* boys to worry about. 
I hope so at least, because I don't own a shotgun *yet*.


Oh yeah, and, purely for entertainment the other day I attempted a shot of the four of them together.
It went a little something like this:

Guys please please please.  Can I get one picture of you together?  Pleeeeeease.
Okay, here, just sit here and look at me, and then- Ice cream!!!  Look!  (jumping, waving)  Guys look at me and I'll get you some ice cream!!
Everybody, look!!  There is ice cream in the freezer for you if you'll just…
Oh jeez, never mind.


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