Our Fort

Four days without kiddos was restful and peaceful and quiet and sweet.
Getting them back last night was great. They were all worn out and happy to see me. A few hugs and kisses later they were tucked in to their beds and snoozing away.  We feasted on Lucky Charms together this morning-
And then we built a fort. 
Remember these magical places? 
Remember transforming your living room with a few dining room chairs and blankets?
Remember sitting under them and feeling like you were in your own little world?
A couple of weeks ago I spent lots of days in bed, not sick, just…  down.  Really down. 
Thanks to some prayer, and some amazing friends, and a really wonderful counselor, and a list of other things that help me feel good that I sort of forgot about- I'm feeling so much better. 
Every time I come out of those dark places I believe more firmly in things that I only kind of thought to be right before.  A few days ago a friend asked how I was doing and I said I felt like I was climbing out of a hole.  Though it does not feel awesome to be in a hole, it does feel much better to be looking up and climbing out than it did sitting on the bottom looking down.  I would go as far as to say I am out of the hole now, and have marked it on my map so that next time hopefully I won't fall in to it again.  
And it feels much better to be playing with and enjoying my kiddos and not just making it through the day.  School starts in just a few short days, and we plan on squeezing the most fun we can out of them.
Daydreaming, reading old stories and writing new ones.
We do our best dreaming during the day I think. 


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