making it

Ladies and gentlemen, summer is kicking my butt.  A lot of it. 
So here are some pictures.  Not many words.  Good grief. 

Here's Pie, trying to boss these flowers into her hands, that's the way she rolls.
And Em, she just loves them into her hands I think.  And then cries when they die. 
Gabe, spraying Griff.  Mischievous? Indeed.
Griff.  Silly little man that I love.  Quirky Mc Quirkerton.
We've played in the rain.  Oh the rain.  Man has it been raining. 
And washed the van. 
Fun for them, productive for me. 
And tons of other things I think.  Can't remember for sure as summer seems to be flying by.  The good parts at least. 
One consistent thing?  Pie. 
She is first out of bed.  At my bedside.  Saying good morning in her never quiet voice. And asking for breakfast, well it's more like demanding. 
So I get up out of bed in the mornings. 
For her. 
Don't know what I would do with out Grace. 


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