Sweet Potato

Because Tater doesn't have a blog, two Tater stories…

First let me say, I do not have a favorite Blinn.  I love them all equally and uniquely, but hypothetically, if for some reason I had to pick a favorite, it might be Tater.  I'm just sayin'.
Tater used to ride around in the back of Erin's little white one headlight car in a booster seat.  He was Tater Tot then, just a little munchkin.  He's just Tater now, a young man, a Mexico veteran, and it was an honor to get to serve alongside him.  When he is given a task he does it not only with excellence, but with a smile, and sometimes a joke.  When he is left to his own devices he makes good choices.  When he is tired and worn thin, he gets a little sarcastic.  He is just a quality guy.  Wednesday as our team leaders went into a house to pray, Erin handed him her guitar and asked him to lead worship. 
And he did. 
He played "No Sweeter Name", and it was completely beautiful.  Wonderful in so many ways.
We were all hot, and tired and thirsty.  The brokenness of the situation inside and the exhaustion of the team were palpable, but because he was willing to be obedient and step into what he was called to do, love and grace and beauty overcame all of that.  We sang, he walked, they prayed.  God moved.  It was exquisite. 

And then Thursday we all sat on the slab that is La Vina.  It had been a long day, a long week.  We were loaded up, hanging out waiting on a couple of teams to come back so we could head out.  We played with the kids a while, then we sat for a bit trying to cool off a little.  Sarcasm kinda flowed freely.  We were kinda done, hot and thirsty again, tired and getting more tired.  Then Tater's little friend Alejondro showed up. 
Boy did he show up.
He made up a little rap.
It kind of turned into a big rap.
It involved some dancing
"Pollito con Papas!" (Little Chicken and Potato)
Alejandro was Little Chicken- Pollito
Tater was Papas
It was awesome
Before too long everyone had joined in
We were all jamming, dancing and singing along
Our tired little crew was rejuvenated
Happy to be happy
Beat boxing may or may not have happened
Some moves were busted
a little robot-ing happened
some routines reappeared
keep your eyes on the girl in the brown shirt, that's Amber, we may have been separated at birth. 
She's my homegirl.  And she most certainly was feeling the groove. 
See what I mean.
Would you believe she's shy?
Cause she totally is. 
Love that I caught these of her.

Love that we all ended up smiling, laughing, singing.
Love that our grump fest turned into a dance party.
It was pretty sweet.

Thanks Potato for having such an awesome blossom.  🙂

5 Comments to “Sweet Potato”

  1. Sorry to have missed that party. Glad y’all had so much fun. This made me smile lots.

  2. I too am sorry to have missed that party. And am glad there are photos. And am glad there is Tater. And now I need some Kleenex.

  3. He is my sweetest Potato, and I love him to the sky and back.

  4. Bridget had to break out the cheesy

  5. I love tater! in a platonic, manly sort of way. But love him none the less. I wish i could’ve been in mexico…

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