Vamos Tamualipas- Trip Dos, Part Uno

What an amazing thing- to get to be a part of what God is doing in this community. 
Still pretty tired, so just a couple of stories tonight, more to come for sure.

First: Her
found me everyday
followed me around
her arms around my waist
stared at me with those big brown eyes
always smiling
laughing and holding
my hand in hers
she loved my camera
she learned it and used it well
this is her photo of her mother
one of five kids in her family
my favorite one, though i loved them all
big sister of this little guy
she was his favorite too
pretty sure he was her favorite as well
she stole a piece of my heart
this little girl
a beautiful, loving, sweet and spunky little soul
so much love.

Second: Genesis
This baby girl was four days old and yet to be named when I met her in December.
She has grown quite a bit since then
She smiled and laughed and babbled while her brother and sister looked on, smiling proudly.


There is lots of love between them, a strong connection. They shared laughs and smiles at our broken Spanish and poor attempts at explaining how and why we were there.They keep her while their parents work and were gracious enough to let us come in and hang out for a bit.
I got to hold her, again, and fell in love again, kissed her chubby little cheeks again.
And thought again about how incredible it is that my story is intertwined with hers.
For everyone who helped send us, and me, those of you who encouraged and prayed and donated time and money to the trip…
Can't thank you enough.
Awesome is too small a word.


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