Our Own Beat

The past couple of weeks have been really great- full of swim dates and popsicles just like we planned.  And just as we're settling into a rhythm of sorts, I'm headed off to Mexico.  It's a 5 day mission trip with my church and I'm super excited about getting to go again. I hope to have lots of great stories next week.  A friend of mine loaned me his drum to take along, and I've been practicing a bit.  And it has added a whole new element, an incredible element to our little dance parties. 
Sure they love playing along,
They love taking turns making beats,
especially Gabe
So the other day I started snapping shots of them doing their thing.
And then this started to happen:
They started raising their little hands and faces
Without prompting or direction, with no other music but their own,
as they were playing, they were worshiping.
especially Gabe.
By the end of it they had all joined in
And I hid tears behind my camera.
Because it came so naturally out of the blue,
a beautiful expression of love between these kiddos and their Creator.
Because they praised Him with such joy and abandon.
Inspired doesn't really come close to what I felt. 

So off to Mexico I go, and I'm taking this inspiration with me, hoping joy will follow, expecting grace and mercy to rain down. I will miss my loves terribly I think.  I've never been away from them this long.  But I'm excited to see what God will do, is doing in Mexico, excited to get to be a part of it.  If you think about us pray for us, strength and peace and all that jazz.
And love, love, love. 


One Comment to “Our Own Beat”

  1. So awesome. Have a great trip! Keep our Uncle Erin safe.

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