Potty Training

Why you ask am I excited about potty training?  Because we were at Target last week and Gracey decided that she wanted to be a big girl.  She picked out some rockin' little Hello Kitty panties, and when we got home, as I was putting away the groceries, she opened the package, took her diaper off and put the panties on.  And for the rest of the evening and since then she has been telling me when she needs to go potty.  There have been a couple of accidents, sure, but just a couple in the last week instead of a couple a day. 
She's brilliant my Pie, and strong willed.  And a mess, the  most independent two year old ever.  Not always compliant, pretty opinionated, but super fantastic in this case.  So excited for my-not-so-baby-girl to be out of diapers!!


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