This Bond

Gabe and Em have this thing.
They have since Griffen’s first year of school when they were home together
all day every day.  They became the best of friends.  This shot is from that year.
Gabe is an intense little guy, quiet and sensitive.
Emmy is a sweet, sharing and loving little girl.  These shots are from winter break.
Erin was over the other day and got these next shots, and it wasn’t hard at all.
She adores him completely and he loves her absolutely.
This is not to say that Griff and Grace are not loved and adored too, of course they are, but they are kind of like bookends, those two, standing alone and doing their own things most of the time.  These two…  they just have a thing.
And it is one of the loveliest things I get to see as a parent, my babies loving each other unconditionally, liking each other for who they are, leaning on each other and supporting each other already.  Kindergarten was great for Gabe, he flourished, but I was a little afraid that Gabe being in school would effect their little best-friendship, since school has been out though, they’ve been almost insepreable.
I love that I have this photo is from last year, two of my loves crashed out and cuddled up…
And I love that the other day I found them like this…
Because this bond is something to be treasured.

One Comment to “This Bond”

  1. Tears in my eyes…
    That bond is pretty great.

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