Boys of Summer

My boys. 
Ahhh, gotta love these messy, sweaty, loud, messy, hungry, funny, happy, messy, huggy, smelly, active, lazy, messy, awesome, sweet, sweet boys. 
We put the girls to bed early, stayed up late, had ice cream,
talked about our summer plans. 
And we've got some big plans, let me tell you…
Sleepovers, BBQ's, Swimming play dates, Movie nights, Camping in the backyard,
Slip and Slide/Bubble Parties, Field Trip days, Bike Rides, Dance Offs, Water Balloon Fights and even Quiet times.
And when I threw out "having quiet times" as a good thing to do this summer, I explained it in a happy excited voice like "And in the afternoon, when Grace is napping, we're going to have Quiet Time.  You can read, or draw, or lay down, anything that's quiet, you can do it, in your bed, in your room, quietly."  And then I kind of sat back waiting for it to hit them and watching their expressions carefully to see if I was going to need to defend my idea. 
But I didn't, because Gabe, sweet, sweet Gabe said "Well, that sounds really restful!"
Nice huh?  Do I have the best kids or what?  I know.
As we were walking in the house to wash our sticky ice cream hands I said that if they had anymore ideas about good things to do this summer they should let me know.
And then Griff, oh Griffen said "Don't worry Mom, I'm full of ideas.  My head is like a light bulb factory."
And it so is. 
And I'm so excited to spend the summer with these awesome boys. 

One Comment to “Boys of Summer”

  1. I am totally ready to crash Quiet Time.

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