Free Stuff

Because I'm cheap, and my kids are forever bored, I've been researching…

Here ya go,  10 free things to do with your monkeys-

1. Take a hike, anywhere really.
Here's the Arlington parks website, check it out:

(don't forget the snacks)

2. Make a splash
There are plenty of splash parks around. 
I highly recommend these:

(frozen snacks)

3. Head downtown-
Check out the Water Gardens

Fire Station Number 1

And the Botanical Gardens

(wrap up a picnic),1626,133179-248193,00.html

4. Take a look in a book
Go to readings and events at your local library

Barnes and Noble has them too:

(top of the muffin to ya)

5. Catch a free flick:

(sneak in a snack mix)

6. All Aboard:


7. Culture Club:

(save some dough)

8. A touch of magic:

(deceptively delicious disappearing brownies)

9.Catch a Concert:

(music to my mouth)

10. The Sky's the Limit:

(cheese it up)—cheese-t/

One Comment to “Free Stuff”

  1. LOVE this list!!! Totally going to the hot air balloon show!

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