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June 29, 2009


Something happened the other night.
Something totally loverly.
My girls started looking more like sisters.
Pie is less and less baby.
And more and more a little girl.
And as sad as this makes me (would you check out this perfected fake pout)
I love what I'm seeing happen between my girls.
Emmy has noticed her growing up too, and started teaching her things like how to paint her toenails and fix her hair. 
Of course, she has always, always loved her baby sister.
But she is starting to like her more.
So many people told me how great it would be to watch my girls be sisters.
And they were so, so right.
The sweetness is almost unbearable. 
I mean, how am I supposed to not melt when they give butterfly kisses?

June 26, 2009

Potty Training

Why you ask am I excited about potty training?  Because we were at Target last week and Gracey decided that she wanted to be a big girl.  She picked out some rockin' little Hello Kitty panties, and when we got home, as I was putting away the groceries, she opened the package, took her diaper off and put the panties on.  And for the rest of the evening and since then she has been telling me when she needs to go potty.  There have been a couple of accidents, sure, but just a couple in the last week instead of a couple a day. 
She's brilliant my Pie, and strong willed.  And a mess, the  most independent two year old ever.  Not always compliant, pretty opinionated, but super fantastic in this case.  So excited for my-not-so-baby-girl to be out of diapers!!

June 18, 2009

This Bond

Gabe and Em have this thing.
They have since Griffen’s first year of school when they were home together
all day every day.  They became the best of friends.  This shot is from that year.
Gabe is an intense little guy, quiet and sensitive.
Emmy is a sweet, sharing and loving little girl.  These shots are from winter break.
Erin was over the other day and got these next shots, and it wasn’t hard at all.
She adores him completely and he loves her absolutely.
This is not to say that Griff and Grace are not loved and adored too, of course they are, but they are kind of like bookends, those two, standing alone and doing their own things most of the time.  These two…  they just have a thing.
And it is one of the loveliest things I get to see as a parent, my babies loving each other unconditionally, liking each other for who they are, leaning on each other and supporting each other already.  Kindergarten was great for Gabe, he flourished, but I was a little afraid that Gabe being in school would effect their little best-friendship, since school has been out though, they’ve been almost insepreable.
I love that I have this photo is from last year, two of my loves crashed out and cuddled up…
And I love that the other day I found them like this…
Because this bond is something to be treasured.

June 14, 2009

Boys of Summer

My boys. 
Ahhh, gotta love these messy, sweaty, loud, messy, hungry, funny, happy, messy, huggy, smelly, active, lazy, messy, awesome, sweet, sweet boys. 
We put the girls to bed early, stayed up late, had ice cream,
talked about our summer plans. 
And we've got some big plans, let me tell you…
Sleepovers, BBQ's, Swimming play dates, Movie nights, Camping in the backyard,
Slip and Slide/Bubble Parties, Field Trip days, Bike Rides, Dance Offs, Water Balloon Fights and even Quiet times.
And when I threw out "having quiet times" as a good thing to do this summer, I explained it in a happy excited voice like "And in the afternoon, when Grace is napping, we're going to have Quiet Time.  You can read, or draw, or lay down, anything that's quiet, you can do it, in your bed, in your room, quietly."  And then I kind of sat back waiting for it to hit them and watching their expressions carefully to see if I was going to need to defend my idea. 
But I didn't, because Gabe, sweet, sweet Gabe said "Well, that sounds really restful!"
Nice huh?  Do I have the best kids or what?  I know.
As we were walking in the house to wash our sticky ice cream hands I said that if they had anymore ideas about good things to do this summer they should let me know.
And then Griff, oh Griffen said "Don't worry Mom, I'm full of ideas.  My head is like a light bulb factory."
And it so is. 
And I'm so excited to spend the summer with these awesome boys. 

June 12, 2009

Free Stuff

Because I'm cheap, and my kids are forever bored, I've been researching…

Here ya go,  10 free things to do with your monkeys-

1. Take a hike, anywhere really.
Here's the Arlington parks website, check it out:

(don't forget the snacks)

2. Make a splash
There are plenty of splash parks around. 
I highly recommend these:

(frozen snacks)

3. Head downtown-
Check out the Water Gardens

Fire Station Number 1

And the Botanical Gardens

(wrap up a picnic),1626,133179-248193,00.html

4. Take a look in a book
Go to readings and events at your local library

Barnes and Noble has them too:

(top of the muffin to ya)

5. Catch a free flick:

(sneak in a snack mix)

6. All Aboard:


7. Culture Club:

(save some dough)

8. A touch of magic:

(deceptively delicious disappearing brownies)

9.Catch a Concert:

(music to my mouth)

10. The Sky's the Limit:

(cheese it up)—cheese-t/

June 9, 2009

Griffen’s Blog

Because this morning he came up to me and:



him- So mom, I see you're working on a website.  Would you be interested in making me a website?

me- For what?


him- Uh, let's see… make money, entertain kids, make money.


me- What?


him- It would just mainly be for entertainment purposes, and it would make money, but someone would   have to help me run it, like maybe a certain relative…


me- Okay Griff.  What do you want to call it?


him- Griffen Land?  No. Griffen's Universe.


And so it begins…

 More to come soon I'm sure. 


June 2, 2009


It's in full swing here at our house. 
School is not quite out, just three more days.  We can't wait though.
We're all excited for the lazy days and late nights.
We are already filling up our afternoons with popsicles and pool time.  And you may not see a new blog until fall since I'll be having to figure out ways to entertain four little munchkins all day everyday.  Sprinkler park anyone?  Summer movie club?  Let's do it. 

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