(Okay, listen, before I start this post wherein I say a lot of very loving things about Erin, let me first put a rumor to rest-  I do love her.  A ton.  And everything I am going to say here I believe strongly.  But Internet, we are not "partners".  I promise.  We are straight arrows.  For reals.  So get over it.  We work together, we laugh together, we have cried together, we do so much of life together, we love love love each other.  But not like that.)

Erin turned 30 last week. 
Can you even believe it?

She looks incredible don't you think?

I've known her almost half of her life.
I was kind of a kid when we met, and she tolerated me quite well.
She was my ride to youth group.
She drove a little white car with one headlight.
We listened to The Fly's and sang along.
She was uber cool.  More someone I looked up to than a friend at that point.
And then YWAM happened,  missions stuff, Poland, camp stuff, Toronto.
She went away.


Don't get me wrong, she did great things while she was gone.  God did great things in her and through her. 
But I missed her more than I thought I would.
And she was gone for longer than I thought she would be.
She came back though. 
And now she is more than one of my very best friends, (though most of my very best friends are more to me than very best friends).
She is fiercely my friend, sisterlike in the way she loves me.
She is my pastor.
She is my kiddo's aunty.
And we have a business together.
She is a lot. 
And I want her to know that.
Who she is and what she does means a ton to me.
She's amazing.
You are a light.  Though I missed out on the first half of your life, I hear you were a fiery girl, and you have kept that.  You are full of passion.  Full of it.  And you have done amazing things because of that.  And I look up to you still.  The way you follow Jesus is truly wonderful.  The way you talk about Him, the way you love Him, the way you reflect Him, is big, and bright and bold.  You are gifted in so many ways, playing, writing, speaking and photographing are only a few of the many things you do well.  You love well.  I see it.  With your family, and mine, and with your friends, the love runs deep. 
You are a leader, you lead well, you teach well, your heart is communicated beautifully.  The world is better for having you.  Not just my little world, but the whole world, because you are in it, hoping and working to change dark to light, is better.
And Erin you are beautiful.  You're stunning.  You're gorgeous.  You are graceful.  You are radiant.  In every sense of all of those words.  Inside and out.  And one of the things I love about you is that you know all of these things.  You know who you are and what you are.  Your identity is secure because you are intent about looking to the right One for answers. 
That is one of the greatest things anyone has shown me-
What it looks like to know you are so loved by your Father.
You are. 
Love you so much, always,
p.s.  You make a great model.
And I love your smile.


2 Comments to “e”

  1. YAY! Such a beautiful, lovely, fantastic celebration of our Erin and how much you love her. (I love her too, and I love you for loving her…and that is part of why you are like a sister to us all).

  2. This is beautiful and precious, Amber. And I concur.

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